United Dental Review

The national leader in health care programs is UnitedHealthcare. United not only offers health insurance plans, but also offers two individual dental plans. Both offer the benefits of access to over 73,000 dentists, and preventive care with no deductible or waiting period. The plans are flexible regardless if you choose to use an in network dentist or an out of network dentist. Each person covered under a United dental plan gets an annual maximum of $1000.00. These plans cater to the average working American regardless of his or her status in life, family or finances. The policy can also be combined as vision and dental insurance in one affordable policy.

One option of dental care under United is the Dental Premier plan. This plan is beneficial if you already have a dentist that you are comfortable with, that is not in the United network. Under this plan an enrollee would be allowed two oral evaluations a year. Prophylaxis preventive services under this plan will cost you four dollars in out of pocket expenses. A root canal would mean a charge of approximately five hundred dollars. Depending upon the composite and surface required, fillings are covered, and the price range would be between thirty to fifty dollars.

The second option of dental care under United is the Dental Value plan. Under this plan you would need to get services from a dentist within the network to achieve maximum savings. This plan offers the lower premiums of the two plans. Prophylaxis preventive services using an in network dentist would cost you nothing out of pocket. These same services would cost you twenty eight dollars using an out of network dentist. In network dentist fillings would cost you between twelve eight dollars, while out of network dentist fillings would cost you between eighty five to eighty eight dollars. Root Canals would cost 335.00 for an in network dentist and 650.00 for an out of network dentist.

Even though out of pocket costs are significantly lower under the Dental Value plan with an in network dentist; both plans have agreements with dentists to charge less for procedures than they would with other company dental plans. Other procedures that are completely covered under both plans are two routine cleanings, one routine x-ray, nonsurgical extractions, amalgam fillings and direct resin fillings. You are also allowed two treatments per year for gum disease and bone supporting teeth. You can get inlay, onlays or veneers one time per sixty consecutive months. Full or partial dentures are covered once every five years. Any children or dependents requesting coverage under your plan must be under the age of 26 and unmarried. Dependents under the age of sixteen that are covered get two complete fluoride treatments a year. Some of the exclusions under both plans that won’t be covered by benefits are braces, dental implants, and certain types of oral surgery. Any dental work needed due to intoxication, malposition of jaw bones, result from war and or due to any participation in a felony will not be applicable for any payable benefits. Cosmetic dentistry will not be covered under either dental plan. Any type of acupuncture, acupressure or other alternative forms of treatment is not eligible for any payment benefits. Any teeth that are missing or lost before your policy begins will be excluded from any payable benefits from your dental plan.

Other than job security, health and dental insurance is the top priority on the average American’s list of necessities. No matter a person’s dental needs or requirements, United Dental Insurance plans provide cover for any and all dental procedures, whether they are expected or unexpected. Everyone wins with United Dental Insurance.               Dr Peterson DDS